For more than two decades, the United States National Standards of Training Association (U.S.N.S.T.A.) and its members have been safeguarding our citizens and all who serve in our communities and across the nation by establishing a standard of training that provides a common set of skills as well as a common language to communicate those skills within any use of force environment. The U.S.N.S.T.A and its members have come together to restore trust between law enforcement entities and citizens across our nation by revising inadequate or antiquated training and providing the most up-to-date, proven, innovative instruction that will establish the critical skills first responders need to protect themselves and the communities they serve.

Today, we have further expanded our focus on the tools available to enforcement personnel to communicate and deescalate enforcement situations. With valuable input from public policy makers, administrative staff, trainers, and the communities in which we serve, our expert focus is based on the minimum amount of force necessary to resolve conflict while ensuring the safety of our nation’s citizens and first responders. Our subject matter experts and elite trainers offer a fresh perspective by incorporating a combination of cutting edge, cognitive communication techniques, and tactical training into the fundamentals of our communities’ service providers.

2021 U.S.N.S.T.A. Conference

The 21st Annual U.S.N.S.T.A. Conference – December 15 to 19, 2021, at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.